Friday, June 20, 2008

A Word of Thanks!

When i started on this blogging, i really don't have any idea about it that much, even though i already heard a lot about it from a common friends. But i still really don't know how to works it out. In fact, it's my neice who make an account at blogger and set it up for me, and lettin me to do the rest, I'm really thankful to her for doing it because blogging occupy my time and give me something to do. As first timer, it's hard to figure out everything that quick, most especially if you don't have any idea how to do it all, and since my neice is a thousands miles away, it's hard for me to keep up with her because of our time differences, as well she's busy too with her reveiw and being a wife and mother. And what is good here in blogging, you don't only make money but you gain, make and meet a lot of friends around the world, different people with different walks of life. And I'm very greatful because i already make and meet new friends, aside from my common friend that really help me too to make my blogs to work out as it is.

And i want to thank to three peoples who impart their ideas about blogging and help to figure out some things. First to Maria Justine, or "jaja" "gwapa" "tine" for her help, she's the one who give me an idea how to put a cbox/shout box in my blog, she's the first person i meet her in blogging. To you jaja i'm really thankful for you help, i really do appreciate it!

Second to Garf Mous, as "bits' "things" for imparting her idea to me about how to submit your blogs and some other different things. Aside as being a friend in blogging i able to chat with her too at YM (yahoo messenger) i remembered when she pop up while i'm online, and i really don't have any idea who she is til we able to have a little chat, and then on that time we talk about blogging too. Thank you so much Garf!

And Lastly to my very good friend here in ky, Charity, or "CC", aside from being a good friend of mine, she help me a lot too about blogging, she's the one i can ask quickly if i really don't know something how to make it. In fact, she's the one who will me help out on my paypepost first post and how to do it. I'm really thankful to her, it's very nice to know that you have a friend around that you can count on. Char, thank you so much and i really do appreciate our friendship and very glad to have you. Thanks for everything!

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