Friday, August 22, 2008

My Day...

Today is not that bad at all, though i am still very tired and exhausted from work but my day turn out fine indeed. I am very thankful for my hubby because when he picked me up this evening he brought me pizza since i mentioned it to him yesterday and he want to surprise me. As i noticed that since i start working i eat more than i usually do. In fact i am starting to gain a weight. hehehe.. well, it's okey though as long i won't get too big. Anyway, what's important that i am eating well and i'm healthy. hehehe.. Aside from the surprise Pizza that my hubby got for me, he bought me also a new blouse and i am so happy for it. My hubby is very thoughtful and always think of me and i really do appreciate it. Because of my hubby my day was complete.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cabin Cuddler helps you to Stay Warm!

If your working in a call center like me and the temperature stays cold all the time, you probably need a jacket or a coat to stay warm. However the coat or the jacket can't cover your legs and usually your legs will stay cold. So you need something that will help you stay warm and cover your body including your legs and feet. The Cabin Cuddler is a lightweight travel blanket with a foot pocket and shoulder wrap that keeps you warm in cold airplane cabins, on car trips, or even curled up at home and in a office where it is cold. Cabin cuddler is very comfortable and easy to use, and with cabin cuddler you have nothing to worry about getting cold because it will help you stay warm. And if you travel a lot you need also a travel blanket to keep you warm in an airplane where it stays cold. And all of this amazing product you can find it at, so try to check it out and for sure you will love the cabin cuddler because it's so handy most especially during the winter time. And speaking of the winter, we really need something to keep us warm and cabin cuddler is the best for it. Since winter is coming very soon, visit now and you should start putting your order in right away.

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I supposed to do my blog hopping tonight but somehow i feel so tired and exhausted from work. So instead to start doing my blog hop hop i wind up just playing around with my computer and keep looking to all my save pictures in my documents. I'm not really looking to find a certain picture and then i came across those pictures that i had took last winter. Since it don't snow a lot here in ky, every time we have a snow, i don't want to miss out on taking pictures of it as a remembrance. I do remember we had quite a few snows last winter and i even enjoyed playing with it and took a lot of pictures too. Below is some of the pictures that i am talking about.

Gee.. i can't wait for another snow again, Anyway winter will be here very soon and i do hope to see a white Christmas! (smile..)

Awesome directory site!

It's very nice to know that it comes to handy when we can find stuff online that quick like finding a Florist, Massage Therapies, Home and Office Services and Contractors that will do like Raleigh Landscaping. is an awesome website to search for this kind of stuff because it is very easy to navigate and you can find easily what you want. Actually it's my friend refer to me this website since she found one the best atlanta roofing contractors on this website. So she told me that if i'll be needing something to locate or to find a contractors all i have to do is to visit the website and i will find it there. So, Check now and start to search for thing that you need and for sure you can find the answer like me.

A Word of Thanks!!!

Thank you so much guys!

I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to my friends here in blogging. I want to say thanks to In-in/Merydith, Mira, Bryan J, Emotera, Avee, and Pchi for the comments that they leave me here. I really do appreciate it and thanks for cheering me up. I will considere all you suggestion guys and i am so thankful because you all really help me. And I'm so glad that you all are giving me advise and thanks for the concern. There's no words to express how glad i am when i read all your comments. Really as of this me, it made me smile and it also enlightened me. And Once again, Thank you so much and thanks for visiting my blog. You all be careful and Happy Blogging.

The Best Way To Flirt...

Talking about flirting, Have you tried to flirt and succeed with it? I guess it's a normal thing for a woman to flirt if she is single, and sometimes we need to know the best move or may i say a best way to flirt. And as i far i know a lot of men get attracted to a girl who have a beautiful hair. You know why? i been through with this kind of situation, i use to have a very dry hair and i always have to tie it all the time. And a friend of mine use to kid around with me that i have the nicest hair in the world (which actually he's just saying it in a another way around) so i consider that as a serious joke and i did my best to have a beautiful hair which i succeed then later. In fact i am proud to say that i have a beautiful hair now. And i am also very thankful to Extreme Style by VO5 because i learn a lot of tips from them. And if you want to know the best way to flirt just visit Victory Hair.

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And with Ultimate Flirting Championship you will learn also a lot of things to succeed to have a beautiful hair and build your confident.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am Confused...

As of this time i am really confused and don't know what to do. The things that make confused is about my job. I don't know if i can go on or i'll try to find me another one. 3 weeks ago i had an offer to teach in a grade school and i don't if it's still open til now, since i already refused that offer i may not be able to get that teaching job. What it is, i want to try a different kind of work besides teaching and since i really love to do work in the banking system for a change so it's the reason why i pursue on this job though i am new about it and have no idea about it at all. And now i am on the real thing that handling calls and complains from our customer, it's seems it so aggravating and frustrating since most of the calls i got are mad calls. And i don't know how far i get long with this situation but i am trying to hang in.

I really do love this job i am in but i don't know how long i can put up with all of this mad calls, i mean it so stressful and wears out my mind. Maybe all i have to do now is just try to see how it will work out with me and wait. Since i am already in this job, i guess i rather give it a chance to myself and try to see, anyway if i can't really do it, all i have to do is to quit. I do hope that i can stay longer with this job because it's a great experience indeed to learn all this stuff about banking.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Movado Watches!

When i receive my first pay check at my work, I already decided to buy something special for myself. Since i love collecting watches, i tried to look in the store, but i don't see anything that i want. So my second choice is to search online store and i came across at I see a lot of beautiful watches and different styles, The one that catches my attention the most is the Movado watches, Oh boy! it's so pretty and i love it. In fact i can't wait to have it, aside from the movado style, has a huge of different kind of watches and all of them is really nice. And if you are thinking to buy a watch try to check out for sure you can find the watch your looking for, and your money is worth it. Just like the Movado Style, their is a lot to choose from and all their watches is on sale. Movado has lived up to it's name since it's founding in 1881. Dedicated to producing superior quality timepieces in a classic, and timeless style. Movado has more than accomplished it's goal and it's a symbol of elegance and distinction. I couldn't imagine myself wearing this kind of watch. I am so excited to have this kind since it's one of the most famous watches that was ever made. So visit now and start to look for a watch that will suit your taste the best, for sure you will find one.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ramdom Thoughts...

* We supposed to go to a Filipino-American picnic but we can't go since i have to report to work for some important matters.

* My Hubby Took me to work and he just waited for me there til i get out. I stayed there for a couple of hours.

* We went to get some of our groceries and i buy me something special for myself as a remembrance of my First pay day.

* I treat my Hubby to KFC since he loves to eat their.

* I sent my mama some money and then give her a call a while ago.

* We stroll around the town and went also to Mt. mission.

* I watched a movie and after that i do my blog hopping tonight.