Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Meeting New Friends"

Before i will go to bed, i would like take this opportunity to post something here about the two person whom i have chatted online a while ago. I meet both of them here in blogging and we started exchanging msgs and visiting each blog from now and then, and i finally make the first move and really ask them if i can have their YM (yahoo messenger) ID if they don't care, because i want to talk with them online, and at same time to know more about them. The person that i am referring to is Joy Burlinson and Greenrose. Unlucky i wasn't able to chat that long w/ greenrose since on the time i come online, is just happen then, she is only checking her e-mails and about going to bed. But i'm still happy though ,that i able to say hello to her and i'm looking forward to have longer chat w/her later. And i'm very greatful!, because i able to have a chat with Joy, She is very nice and i love talking to her. I really enjoy our little chat and i'm very glad that i found a friend like them.

To Joy, Thank you so much for the time you spend with me online and for keeping my company, I really appreciate it!. The pleasure is mine and i'm looking forward for more chatting later. It's really great to know you and thanks for being a friend here.

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E-Tavasi said...

Wow... now Joy Burlinson going to be famous :D ... hehehe with her new domain