Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Classmate in High School

When i come over to my home town in the philippines, i have a good times indeed, even though mom was been in the hospital twice on that time i was there. But still i’m very glad to come home and see my family, relatives and friends.

And one thing i don’t forget to do is to contact my group of friends (kaberks) in high school and have a little chat with them. Seeing them all is a very nice feelings, It’s been 3 years already the last time a saw most of them. And when we gather again, we have a lot of fun and enjoy the night, hehehe, we even forget about the time because we enjoy a lot of our chatting and listening to each other what’s new w/them. And as time pass so quick, we need to say bye and hopefully we will have another gathering later. I miss them all, and i always miss all those memories we shared during our high school life.

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Hendrawan said...

Nice moment with your old friends.. High school was sweet time to forget.