Saturday, September 5, 2009

I have a Nice Bday Blast at Work!!

I am very thankful to God for all the good things happened in my life. I am so blessed to have all the people around me that really care and good friends. I turn another year old last month. I told my husband since were planning to have a vacation in my home country this month, so we both decided that we will not celebrate our bday's since it's only two weeks apart. However i am so surprise because my Team Manager prepared a small bday gathering for me and i am so touch, though it's not that big however i have a nice bday blast at Work! I can't ask for more... i have a very good and supporting husband and good friends at work whom i know that really cared about me. Thanks to everything and everyday is always a happy day for me being around the people whom i loved.

Here's some of the pictures during my birthday!!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009


It's been a while i wasn't able to check my blog.....It really came across my mind that i will delete this blog since i really don't have time for it. However part of me will say no and in fact i do miss blogging, I miss blog hopping and reading updates w/ my friends blog. So i told myself when i will have time to do so, i will check my blog and do some update to it.. hehehe.. well i'm glad that i'm still here, though i don't keep it up but i am really happy that i don't delete this one. Hopefully later on i will have more time to write up something and update my blog. Lots of things has happend to me for those all days, weeks and months that i am not around and i don't know which one that i will write or i where will start. Anyway, I'm glad that i didn't forget my password for this one. And i'm still glad that some of friends here wasn't getting tired of leaving me a pm and checking here. I really Do Thank to all of them and i will do my best that somehow i will be able to visit your blog and say Hello. Once again I big THANKS from ME!!! MISS YAH!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Just a Note...

It's been for a while that i didn't able to update my blog, from the fact that i really don't have no more time to check it and keep updating it, i came to a point that i don't know no more what to write here. Even taking a paid opps, i tried to get them since ppp is still very good on me and still giving me an opps if i'll check my account w/ them, But my problem due to too much pressured with my work i can't think no more what to write. I do believe that i can always write everything since i really do love writing on almost about anything. However i don't realize when you have too much stress your mind will stop working and even how you will try it won't do you good because there's nothing to think and it will go out blank. Many times i told to myself that i will check my blog and update it, however i will just wind-up keep on looking on my screen and doing nothing til i'll give up. So, i came to decide probably i need to close this blog because i can't write and i can't even update it, however there's a part of my heart that i will surely miss those friends that i meet here and whose been very good to me and the only way that i can communicate with them is to try to hang in to this blog though it's almost idle all the time. I will have my vacation very soon from my work and i do hope that on those days i can visit my friends blog and i can do write ups of all the good times happened in my life for those days, weeks and month that i wasn't able to write anything. Hopefully if i'll be away from my work for a while i can have my brain working again. hehehe.. Well, i have to parted here since i don't know what to say next. Thanks to all who keep visiting me here and HAPPY BLOGGING! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!