Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Saturday Day!

Today it seems so lonely, i don't have much things to do to occupy my times. But i'm looking forward for tomorrow because me and my hubby we're going to attend His Family reunion, which they always do every once a year and on the day before the memorial day. I kinda excited to see his relatives, though i met them already before, But it has been years ago the last time i see them. In fact i'm already preparing my self and hubby pick my dress to wear for the occasion. I do hope that i will have a fun and enjoy the gathering. Because it's different when you attend a gathering w/your same races, the enjoyment and fun is there coz you can always pick up a conversation since you all spoke them same language. But Hubby's relatives and family are all nice, they won't let you out of place, though sometimes you will when they start talking their past and those people whom you don't know yet, which you can't avoid that. You can't join the conversation since you don't have any knowledge about it, so the only thing you can do is to listen them. hehehe. and wait for the next topic which you might able to join and share your opinion too. So Goodluck to me and wait what would happen tomorrow.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Friendster Friends

(thanks my dear sharon for making this.)

It's very nice to know that there's someone out there who really care about the friendship you shared even in online. And i'm one of the lucky person, who found a good friends. I met sharon and tin in Friendster. They both live at California. We become close to each other everyday and we shared things. I love them both because they're nice to me.

Friendster is one way of making friends and even finding your long lost friends, relatives and Family. It's a way of connecting people in the world and share your new life by posting pictures and doing friendster Blog. There's a lot of things you can do at friendster, you can post Bulletins, Shoutout, and Share Apps. You can even make your own style by making your own lay-out on your page, a lot, lot of things you can do that you can express yourself and share it.

So i'm very thankful because through friendster i met not only sharon, tin but also my dearest neighbor where i grow up, Chevy and Tata! I'm very glad that I found them in friendster. I even found my classmate in High school, College and Co-workers. Aside from the people i am acquainted with, i meet a lot of new friends too. and I want all of them to know that i really appreciate our friendship and I'll always keep them in my Heart!