Thursday, August 28, 2008

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My last week for My OJT..

This is my last week for my OJT and so far i'm doing better on my performance and i'm very glad about it. At this time i begin to feel comfortable with my work because i understand and i know now what i am doing. I can't assist that costumer as fast as the regular associate but i'm doing good and hopefully i will do better like them. And for the first time i stay overtime last night and i love doing it. In fact i am thinking to stay again for overtime tonight though i am not still fine with my cold. But it's okey, i guess i wil get better then. It's not that bad for the past two days, but hopefully it will go away now because it really bothers me. Anyway what it is important i'm still doing fine and i am happy for my improvement at my work. Til here for now and happy blogging to all! HAPPY THURSDAY!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Host Rating Site!!

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I am sick today...

When i woke up this morning, I felt so bad, I have a sore throat and i keep on sneezing. What it is, i am trying to get a cold and it really bothers me. At my work today i could not concentrate because i had a terrible head ache and i had a running nose. I don't know what kind of medicine i have to take because it's my first time to get a cold since i've been here in the states, and my hubby is scared to give me some medication either because i may be allergic to it. I could not take any pills because it may have bad effects on me, I have a very bad allergy to most of this medication and that's what makes me worry because i can't work like this, My running nose is so awful and and throat is sore. I just hope that i feel better tomorrow. I already drink two glass of orange juice this evening when i arrived home and i do hope it will take care of it. I can't afford to get very sick and i really don't want to be sick. And as of this time, i really don't feel good. I don't want to miss work either but in terms of priorities my health is very important and it come first than before my work.

Promise You won't Fall in Love with Me..

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Are you one of those romantic people that usually goes with a beautiful line in a movie? Me i one of them and one of the line that i like very much is from the movie of A Walk to remember when jenny said that "Promise you won't fall in Love with me.." It's so touching and so romantic. And i really love this line. But i am not sure if this line will work with me, and since i want to know if i will succeed using it, i join and play the The Ultimate Flirting Championship that sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5. Have you played this game? If you didn't play it yet, i am inviting you to check it out because it's really cool and you will learn a lot of things and you will know if those lines your using will help you win. So check it out and for sure you will enjoy this game!

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Have a Wonderful Week!!

I wish all my friends here a beautiful and wonderful week! May your day be lovely and blessed one! I wish that God will always shower us his blessings and he may always keep us in safe. I know that he will always watch out for us and Always remember that God is Great! Be thankful always for every day that comes!
And i want to thank all my friends here in blogging and also to all my visitor who keep visiting in my blog. I want you all to know that your time is really appreciated! Thank you all and Have a Wonderful Week! Happy Blogging and Enjoy each day!
And Wonderful Week! Enjoy and have Fun...

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sweet Memories....

All this pictures that i posted i considered it a very important memory that i always kept.

In this picture is with my beloved mother during my civil wedding..
This picture was taking during my civil wedding with my big Family. This event is one of a very wonderful time that happened in my life.
In this picture, I am one month married to my husband and it's very great to become Mrs. Combs!
A picture with one of my student before, It was taking during our educational tour. Reniella is one of my very good student and a nice friend indeed!
This picture was taking at Gatlingburg Tenn. It's my five months is the states and my First Vacation with my Hubby here.
I am 17 years old in this pictures, and with me is my two nieces that who is very close to me. I miss them both.
This is a picture of my passed father, I always kept this picture for me to look at every time i miss him.
This was taking also during my civil wedding with all my flower girls, bible bearer, coin bearer and ring bearer.
A picture with charmine. It was taking on Feb.2004 when we visited limasawa island.
This picture was taking during my Graduation in College with my Niece Daryl.
This picture Was taking during my Oath taking (As I passed the Teacher Board Exam) at Waterfront Hotel.

A Good Way of Saving Life!!

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My Weekend!

My weekend turn out very fine. Yesterday my filipino friends picked me up at home and we went to a Filipino store. I really enjoy my day and i bought me quite a few oriental foods for anytime use. I don't usually stock up that much because i don't eat that much too, beside i am already use to eating this western dishes. In fact i love the foods here but sometimes i miss my own dishes. Well, about yesterday, i have a lot of fun though i am a little bit tired from the week work but i still enjoy the company of my filipino friends. It's really different when you hang out with the same people who has same race as yours because you can always relate every topic you have and you won't be out of place too. hehehe. And after we done our grocery we went to the chinese buffet but it's too bad though because we forgot to take some pictures..(grrr...sigh) anyway, what is important we enjoy the day and we have fun.

And Today, me and my hubby went to the flea market just to see what's new there. And luckily we found someone selling peaches and cream corn, the one that my hubby love very much, so we bought 4 dozen. When we arrived home, honey cooked the one dozen and we almost eat all of it. hehehe, i guess i am a big eater now and my appetite seems to be very good. I am very thankful that my weekend turn out very fine and and everything went well too. til here and Happy blogging to all!

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