Sunday, June 15, 2008

...HappY faTher's Day!...

Today is Father's day Celebration, it's a day for all the fathers and a time to give them big surprises and most of all a time to tell them again how you love him and he's a great and wonderful father you have! And i want to greet a HAPPY Father's day to all the fathers and hope you have a good time.
Happy fathers day daddy

And to my beloved husband.... to you honeypie, Happy Father's day! You meant a whole world to me, thanks for being always in my side and for loving me.

Things I brag about my husband:

* He's a man w/a word of honors, whatever he says he always do it and won't forget if he promise you something.

* He's so quite and don't say that much, but he's a very good friend and a friend indeed.

* He's a person that won't let you down if you need his help. He have a soft and big heart.

* He don't argue things and don't like arguement at all. If i have a temper and get mad, he's the one that always stay calm and wait til i get over before he'll talk to me.

* A very good provider, very good father, understanding and do care about feelings. That's why i always say, that i'm so blessed and greatful that i found a man like him.

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E-Tavasi said...

Happy father's day :D