Friday, June 20, 2008

My great Opportunity!!

Just tonight i am talking to my friend charity, she ask me if i already submitted my blog to PayperPost, and i said yeah i do! and I even ask her to help me out on my profile on payperpost because i do believe that i have a problem with it, So i give her my log in data, for her to see what's wrong, and then i am so surprise because she told me that i am already APPROVED by PayPerPost! and i can't even believe it!

Yes guys! I am approved today by PayPerPost! I'm so happy about it because i heard a lot of good things about them, a lot of my friends told me that PayPerPost is very good on given you opportunities and they treat you good. And i really do believe it, In fact i have already an opportunites from them, It is from payperpost itself to do some write ups about them, and i very happy that i am given this opportunities to spread this words because i know that payperpost is very good to deal and work with.

And as sponsored post, there's word of mouth ethics,it is important to put a disclosure badge so that there’d be a transparency about the relationship between advertisers, bloggers and blog readers.

It's a great priveleges to be a member of payperpost because as a bloggers you didn't earn only by writing a reveiws but you also earn by referring your friends. So what you are waiting for, if you think your blog meet their requirements, try to sign up with payperpost, so that you will find it yourself and for sure you'll be happy working with them.


Anonymous said...

hi dear kate!

i added you already. hope you can add me too! :)

good day!

hazelicious929 said...

hello Kate! congrats!