Saturday, August 9, 2008

Have A Great Weekend To All!!

How are you all doing? I wish you all my friends here, visitors and fellow bloggers a Happy weekend and may your weekend will be a bountiful one! I miss doing my blog hopping and checking the updates of all my friends here. I tried to visit quite a few blogs tonight but it's getting too late here already. In Fact it's already 2:30 am here and i need to go to bed now and have a good sleep. I will see you all again tomorrow and will visit the blog of my fellow blogger and Friends. So, catch you later and have a wonderful weekend to all! Enjoy and have have Fun!!

You all be Careful and Godbless!! Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Safest Way to Lost Weight Through Journeylite..

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Our Trip to West Virginia!!

Today is the schedule for my biometrics at Charleston West Virginia. We started early this morning because my appointment will be at 3 in the afternoon. It will take us 4 hours drive from our place to charleston and we want to be there on time. Unlucky i forgot to bring my camera with me and i wasn't able to take any pictures. (holy crap..hehehe, sigh..) well.. maybe next time i will bring it with me. Anyway what is important i was able to do my business and i am done with it. Thanks GOD we make it safe and we're on our way home. Have a good afternoon to all and happy blogging.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Windows Vista the Best!!

I'm so glad that my laptop comes with Windows Vista. I heard a lot of good things about it and heard bad things also about the windows vista. But a friend of mine always told me that windows vista works so great on her and she loves it though quite a few people sees it in a different way. And since i trust my friend words, i try to see that when i will get me a laptop i want to be sure that it comes with vista software.

It don't take me that long to familiarize the features of Vista, the features is really good and with vista my internet connection works so fast. Windows Vista has Small Business Assurance Program started by Microsoft that aims to provide free support, compatibility assistance and one-on-one coaching from Microsoft to keep your experience with Windows Vista smooth and hassle-free. It has free customer support that you can avail anytime you need it. With Windows Vista it comes along with Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player where you can play all your favorite music. If you love music like me, vista is the best for you. If i will going to choose between XP and Vista, of course i will prepare to have Vista, No matter what other says, Windows Vista is the Best for Me!

Sponsored by Windows Vista

Looking Forward for My OJT!!!

The training class for my work will be finish next week and then we will start our OJT, we will have an OJT for two weeks, after that we will be doing the real thing and will be working on our regular shift schedule. I can't wait for my OJT (On Job Training) since i heard lot of things about it. Most of the worker said that on class training is boring, (for me it's not that boring but it's dragging sometimes but our Trainor is very awesome and always sees to it that we will enjoy on the classroom training. ) but on the time of OJT, that is where you enjoy and have fun. I can't wait for my OJT because i want to know if i can handle the job, hopefully i can and i do hope that i will do fine. Well, all i have to do is to trust myself and do my best. I know it will be hard for me first since i am new on this kind of work (working in Call Center) but i'm very sure later on i will get use to it and it will be easy then.

New Cooking Game for Wii!!

I know most of us like to play games, I am sure that it is not only kids or grown up play games in wii, nintendo, xbox, etc. But also adult people plays too. Like me, i love to play games like cooking game, In fact, i always play Dinner Dash Online because i like it. But now i found new cooking game for Wii, and it's very cool and i love it. The name of the game is Order Up, It's a lot of fun and it's a very challenging game, and i'm sure that you will love it too. As a player you will start to work as chef in a local Burger Face Fast Food and then you will decide to have your own Order Up! Trailer. So, if you love cooking and you love challenge start playing Order Up now.

Below Is about the Order Up Games and the Features of the Games;

Developer: SuperVillain Studios
Publisher: Zoo Games
Platform: Wii
Date Released: July 22, 2008
Genre: Adventure / Cooking
ESRB Rating: E

Welcome to Port Abello – a bustling fishing port, tourist destination, but more importantly an incredibly important location on the culinary map.
As the new chef in town you have a lot to prove. After getting your hands dirty in the local Burger Face fast food restaurant you decide to buy a place of your own, a local diner which is up for sale.

Order Up! is a delicious blend of precision restaurant cooking and culinary empire building, all rolled into a light and flaky crust of memorable characters and humorous situations.
With the Wiimote in hand, the player is guided from burger to chateaubriand; taught every aspect of running a restaurant kitchen. For anyone who has dreamed of becoming a world-class chef or restaurant mogul (or both!), Order Up! will deliver.
The core gameplay of Order Up! is cooking. Players must craft dishes in a hectic restaurant kitchen, managing their cooktop stations (grill/griddle, range, cutting board and the pass) while also managing assistant chefs in the kitchen and their tasks. Fast, intuitive and highly addictive, the gameplay in Order Up! is fresh, creative and wholly original.
Beyond the core, gameplay includes rising through the ranks of the culinary world from fast-food to world-class restaurants as chef and owner while ever-expanding your cookbook of recipes and ever-improving the quality of your equipment. Along the way you will face demanding patrons and discriminating food critics.
Designed specifically for the Nintendo Wii, Order Up! will take advantage of the Wiimote’s motion sensing technology to simulate real cooking, with real kitchen tools like knives, wooden spoons, tongs, ladles, and more.

Have a Wonderful day!!

How are you all doing? Today is another pretty day! It's nice to wake in the morning that the sun shines and their is no snow in the ground or it's not raining. I am very Happy to see this warm weather, I like it as long as it don't go above 100 degrees. When the weather is warm a lot of things we can do outside, like gardening, lawn mower, weed eater,washing your car, etc. and even go stroll around with friends. Oh, yeah talking of strolling around with friends, I love it very much, actually we have a plan with my friends to go somewhere this coming saturday or else next saturday, and i am looking forward for it. I miss going window shopping with them and hanging out with my friends. Anyway, I don't need to work on Weekend so i am sure i will have time to hang out with them this weekend. hehehe.. Well, that's all i can say for now, Have a wonderful day to all my friends here online and HAPPY BLOGGING. You all be careful and see you again... Ciao.....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Success Through IT Training!!

Today's world, is a world for the high technology. A past pace of life and even the time fast so quick before we know it. Sometimes it's hard to catch up on everything and even we are left behind because this world of new technology changes so fast. It is very important that we will be able to coupe up in everything what is new. A vast knowledge in the IT world will be very helpful since it is now world demand work. If you have a vast knowledge in IT it will lead you to the success and through this learning you can able to overcome all the obstacle in life because you will not be behind on what's going on.

And with proper training with this field, will lead you more better opportunity to get a job easily since you have more advantage than the others, most especially if you get a Cisco certification you have a better chance on this high growing demand in IT world. The reason why you have a better chance with Cisco certification because it means you have a more knowledge and you will be confident enough to face any challenges in IT profession. Cisco are known to be the best on this field, they are expert on this matter and their expertise is credited around the globe. The knowledge you will learn from the training program with them will make you understand more and will give you a lot of idea about IT. So, why try to look for another training program whereas Cisco is the best answer for your success today!

Sponsored by Cisco

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Power of Dream!

This is a video music by Celine Dion, one of my favorite singer. I love this song very much because it's so inspirational and meaningful. Every time i listen to this music it always inspired me and put a smile on my face. I really don't know why but this song really makes me moved. Sometimes if i am down or sad, all i do is to listen to this music and it will change my mood.

Monday, August 4, 2008

About the The

Here's good news to all Freelancer and for for all business minded people, the is a website where all the new post freelance jobs board features new benefits for both Freelancers and businesses. You can even look for a temporary work if you don't want to settle down yet for a permanent job. The will bring together the freelancers and business. You can find job that easy and as a company you can recruit an employee whom you really looking for to work for that job. The is a network of 119 city-specific freelance job boards designed to enhance the interaction between companies looking for contract services and those Independent Professionals who provide it. enables the Freelancer to easily source and fairly price contract projects and enhance their small business through collaboration and cooperation. The Freelance Nation network of geographic job sites allows you to choose which cities you want your project posted in. If you have no geographic preference, you can post your job across all 119 cities in The Freelance Nation network. Visit now and learn more about it. It's time for you to make your business going with the help of, and for sure you will be glad that you did it.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My First Week of Work!!

My First Week of work turn out better than i expect. Though the training is boring but i learn quite a few things in Banking. I'm very glad and thankful that i was given this opportunity to work though it is out of my line. I still have two more weeks for training and then the OJT, for the other two weeks i am looking forward to learn more. I really need all the important things and idea about this matter since i don't have any knowledge at all about it. The things that i will learn in my training will really help me to prepare to be ready for my real job. Last friday we had an examination and i got a perfect score, and i'm happy about it because it means that i really learn something. And i just hope i will do find on the production area later for my real job. Happy Weekend to all and Have a Blessed Sunday! Happy Blogging...