Saturday, June 14, 2008

....HApPY WeEkEnD To aLL....

happy weekend
To all my friends here, visitors and everybody, i want to say Happy weekend to you all. How's everybody doin? i bet each one of you enjoying the day! I hope you all have a great weekend and have fun! Enjoy the day and may you all have a blessed one. Thank you so much for visiting me here and I really do appreciate it! To you all, Happy, Happy Weekend and You All be Careful. Godbless and GodSpeedlove!


Today is mom's birthday, and on her birthday i wish her all the best and good health. I give her a call last night since we have a 12 hours differences, and we greet her. Hubby and I both told her that we really do care and we love her that much. In this year, mom is been sick and been to the hospital many times, I got so worried about her and i really don't know what to do since i'm a thousands miles away, It's really hard for my part, but i have to be tough and a strong for her. I'm very glad and happy that she reach another year older, though she don't like it when her bday's come because she said she's getting real old, and i keep tellin her, that she not that old at all and she have to live more because i really don't know what to do if i lost her. To my mom, how i could wish i was there to celebrate w/you on your special day and we can tell you how much we love you. HAPPY, HAPPY 69th birthday mama. We love you very much, Hope you'll get more better and You be Careful always. We love you mama and may you have many, many, many more bday's to come.

(....This taking During Mom's 63rd bday....)
.....Mom w/ Kate.....

Friday, June 13, 2008

...Baby boy Santino...

(...Abig sweet Smile of Baby Santino...)
As i open my friendster account today, i'm so glad to see that my niece posted a new of pics of baby Santino, Oh how i miss my great nephew, "love his heart" on that time when i come over there for a visit, he still little and can't hardly see that much, But now he's growing and very lovable, How i could wish i can carry him and give a big kiss. Honestly, i love kids very much, in fact i'm very close to any kids, is just sad to say that i don't have my own, But i'm not still losing hope though, hopefully by God's will. Anyway, i'm really happy to see Santino growing so fast, and seeing their pics make me more miss home and miss all of my nieces, nephews, mom and everybody. Baby Santino is 5months old now.. maybe the next time i'll come home for visit, he will be running around already, and hopefully by that time i will have my own too..(!!smile and winks!!)
...........Baby santino w/his mom. (my niece)...........

................Baby Santino w/his Dad............

Netspend Prepaid Card.

Yahhoooooo.. I receive today the second card that i order from Netspend for my mom. It's a debit visa card, where you can use anywhere as long they accept it. Actually this is the only card i have here, one reason also, i can't apply for credit card since i have a bad credit(smile), i guess that's how they call it when you don't have any credit history, because they consider if you don't have a credit, it means you have no capacity to pay at all, it so bad though, But i prefer to pay cash than to get it by credit as long you have a money in hand. Anyway, credit is handy too, for emergency puposes and as long you know how to manage it. So, when my friend told me about Netspend, i didn't think twice and i apply for it, since they don't have any credit check, as well it's very easy to apply.
It also provides prepaid debit cards solutions including prepaid Visa and Mastercard branded card programs. And when you have your card in hand, all you have to do is reload it on their respective reloading agent and that's it, you are ready to go.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

...Music is my life...

I'm listening today all my cebuano(bisayan songs) collections, like, kamingaw sa payag, turagsoy, usahay, matud nila, dahong laya, pasayloa kon ugaling, baleleng, waray-waray, etc., it's a collection's from a different popular singer, like Max Surban, Dulce Amor , Pilita Corrales and many more. As one of my habit, and as a part of my daily routine, i usually listen to music since it always inspired me. Music is already a part of my life. In fact i made already a lot of cd's, dvd's of different kind of songs.

While writing this post, my music is still playing, it kinda always make me move and motivates me to everything if there's a music while i'm doing something. Honestly, i can't sing at all, but music is a big part of me. Most especially the songs of the 60's 70's and 80's it's really great! they never faded by the years. Different people keep reviving it and make their own version but still the main thought of the song is there, they may have their own way of singing it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

...A Thought for my Bestfriend....

(One sweet memories w/ yenyen.)
I'm so Happy because just 2 hours ago, i bid an earrings and won the item, because i'm so glad and happy i won it, i give a big hug and squeeze to my hubby. hehehe... and then after that, i came back online and write a post about it here in my blog... and then suddenly i remember my bestfriend. I pause for a while and think.. yeah it's been 5 years already since the last time we see each other, and it's been 3years too the last time we talk. I tried many times to keep in touch and try to find out something her whereabouts, but i failed. And then i don't know what happen to her or what's new about her. So i decided to write a note for her here in my blog just in case she might able to read this and it's my way too for letting her know that i still think and care about her.

" To my bestfriend yenyen, I know it's been a long time we never see each other and talk each other, but i want you to know that i still care and i'm still here for you. As i said whatever happen, I won't change and stay the same the way you know me before. I do hope you stay the same too. You just don't know how much i miss our talks and every things we shared and done. I really don't have an idea when we can see other again, but i'm sure somehow, someday our roads will cross and on that time i can rest assured that i'm still the same person and i'm still your bestfriend that you know. I love you yenyen and i wish that you remember me too."

A pair of Earrings

Pleasant Earrings With Precious Stones - Genuine Natural Color Diamonds andRubies Beautifully Designed in Solid Yellow Gold Length 15mm.- Certificate Available. ** compare: $459.00 As I woke up today, i log on directly on my account at, it's a live online auction for jewelry, brand name and fashion accesories where you can buy a very nice one in a price you can afford. Anyway, I'm planning to get me another pair of earrings, since i just have two left after i give most of my earrings to my mother. And because i don't have that much money on me, I rather bid online at Bidz because i can control on how much i can go for it on an item that i really like. This is why i like to buy jewelry online at bidz because i can get the item i want on the price i can afford and the item indeed is really worth something but i can get it less, so why buy in a store whereas i have another choice to get cheaper one on the same item and quality.
And lucky the one that i just bid will be ending on 20 mins and 15 seconds, i waited and stay until the last minute to put a bid on it. Finally, i got the item for 25.00 USD, yeah 25 bucks compare to $459.00. Oh boy, what i deal i get! i'm so thankful that i won the item and can't wait to have it on my hand. And as their policy, i have to wait for 3-4 business days before i can get the item after everything will be cleared and after they will receive my payment.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dancing with friends!!

Dancing?? oh gosh!! everytime i heard a dance music my heart start to beat so fast and i don't know what 2 do. Hmmpp.. it is because i'm sacred that my friends will grab me to the dance floor and will let me dance with them. The fact is, I love to dance but i really don't know how to dance. sad to say but my feet are both left, sounds so bad but it's the truth! Actually, i tried to dance before since it's a must for all the teachers to join the teacher's night. But i feel so ashame because i could not catch up the dance step no matter how hard i tried. So our dance instructor have no option but to give me another role. "A Queen Servant" (because the dance represent a certain tribe.)hehehe.. shame on me but i have to accept it that i can't dance. anyway i like my role, there's no hassle at all.

But until i met my friends(My Classmate in Masteral Degree),we're five in the group and three of them like dancing very much. They love night life and go dancing. The first time i went with them (i remember very go we went to "THE VILLAGE",back in 2003.) it's so crowded and the sound of the music is so loud, inside you can't hardly move and hear each other. But they Love the place, i have no choice but to stay and get long. I can't blame them too, In Fact they're really a very nice and good friend. A friend indeed! They're always there in times of trouble and won't put you down and stub ur back. They're just simply human that love very much to go disco, dance and have Fun! (mga kikay ug kalogs) or may i say nerd in disguise, hehehe. It's because of them i start to learn how to dance. I remembered; They told me once that i don't have to worry about others and don't worry if i'm not doing the right steps/moves. They said just listen to the music, listen to the beat of your heart. start to move your body and without knowing you already dancing with ur own steps. OH GOD! when i did it, i think i accomplish something. I'm so happy and feel so great! I may not be a graceful dancer but at least i can say now that i can dance with my own move and rules. winks... Thanks to my friends, and dancing with them will always make my happy. It's a lot of fun and we really enjoy very much everytime we went dancing! How I could wish we can do it again soon.

This is where i live.

Hazard is located in Perry County, on the north fork of the Kentucky River in southeastern Kentucky. It is called the Queen City of the Mountains, with rolling hills, river valleys and beautiful scenery. Hazard gives its residents all the benefits of rural life - the security of a small town, with easy access to larger cities. I Love This place very much even though is more likely a province. Yeah, we live in the countryside, away from too much traffic and crowds.
If you want to live a place where you can hear the birds sing, the sound of the animals and waters flow, i can say this is a nice place to live in. People and neighborhood are very nice. even though you didn't see them that much since most of them are busy with their different works, but still you know that your safe and away from any harm.
I'm very glad and i don't regret at all that we settled and lived here, the hillbilly monutains.