Monday, October 20, 2008

Making it Through...

In the past weeks, seems everything is been rough on me. I have quite a few troubles in my life, well this is life, their is sweet and sour. It's up to us how to deal with the torn that may come along. My family back home has lots of different problems and i sometimes i don't know how to deal with it. I have my life also to take good care of and not only them, but they're my family and i love them, i can't afford to turn my back on them, what else can i do? So, though it's hard on me sometimes i have to make it. I need to be strong or else i will be lost. I am still thankful though because i have a husband who is always there beside me, he helps me a whole lot and gives me always his shoulder to cry on. I don't know what to do without him, he give me hope when i am about to give up and cheers me up everyday. He give me strength to make it through and always puts a smile on my face when i am down. When i am so upset and frustrated he always understand me and always listen to my frustration. I can't really ask for more, because of my husband everything works well with me though sometimes my life is pretty rough because of the problems of my family back home. And i thank the Lord for all the guidance and watching over me all the time. I am really thankful that God give me this wonderful man in my life!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lap Band Specialist

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I Was Tied Up...

I am so sad because i am trying my best to catch up with all my friends here in blogging and then i was tied up with all my household chores and for my works. In the past week, it seems my days passes so quick since i am so busy. I miss my computer very bad because most of the time i can't even touch it. And in a pass 3 days, i feel so tired and very exhausted and i told to myself and to my hubby that i have to take it easy now. What it is, i am really working myself to death 7days a week and 9-10 hours a day because i really need to have the money for my niece operation. My sister is looking forward for my help and they need big amount of money for the heart operation of my niece. I am so sad and feel so worried because i love my niece. I do hope and pray that she can make it. It's the reason why i am working as much as i can because of her and beside i am also sending my mother money for her medication. Every pay day my salary is gone so pass before i know it because i am sending it back home, anyway what is important i am happy of what i am doing and i able to help my family. However, as of this time i have to look out also for myself, due to not having enough rest its making me sick, and i miss a few things that i should do. And i know that it's hard to keep up my blogging and update it all the time especially now that i know i have more priorities to look out for. So i want to say i'm so sorry to all my friends here that i can't really visit this time to your blog/blogs and hopefully later if i have enough time i will surely do it. I hope you all understand and Thank You So much for all my Friends who keep visiting me here. You all Take Good Care and Have a Nice Week and Advance Happy Halloween.