Saturday, May 17, 2008

Just A Happy Day!!

I wake up early today because we're invited to a wedding of a filipina in Jackson, ky. I didn't meet her yet since i wasn't here that time they have a gathering to one of my Filipina friend house. I can't wait to meet her and have fun too with all my pinay friends in here. And Today's weather is been very good, even though the wind blows make it cold. Finally we arrived on the location, The church is nice and the wedding reception too. I like the way they decorates it! I love the foods too! of coursethe filipino foods is present and they look so yummy. The wedding ceremony don't takethat long. And as a habit, picture taking time, hahaha, we're camera addict! Me and all my filipina friends love to take pictures! We sure do make the best pose as we can, different moves and styles, can't stop taking pictures. Anyway, I really enjoy my day today! me and hubby have a lot of fun and great day! Aside from the wedding celebration we all decided to go to Paz house and stay there a little while. We really enjoy there, taking pictures again, having karaoke and drinks a little bit of beer. What a nice day i have, I'm very happy and our trip is very good one endeed.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Picture Poems from Sharon

When i open my friendster account today, i was very surprise and flattered because my very good friend from California (sharon) send me a picture comment w/ a picture of me and her. I really thank her that much for taking her time to do it! I'm very glad to have her as my friend. Even though, we didn't met each other in person i really consider her a very close friend of mine. She is very nice and i've been chatting w/ her before. But so sad though, i wasn't able to catch up w/ her online for a quite months, maybe one the reason our time difference, she and me are both busy w/ our daily life routine. As a way of my appreciation to our friendship, i post in here the picture comments she made to let her know that i really love it! To you my dear sharon, A big Thanks! love your heart! You Take Care always Coz i really Care! luv you friend and Best regards!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Welcoming Baby Santino!

yepee. wink!!..(_.._)Our Family i gettin more bigger. every year we have a new baby! well.. the bigger the happier. This year we have Santino, Our cutie Baby boy! His real Name is Emmanuel and since he was born on the fiestivity of Sr. Sto Niño, he was given a nickname "Santino" derives from the name of Sr. Sto. Niño. He likes his grandfather(lolo) touch that much! In fact, he's more comfortable and don't cry if his lolo will be the one to carry him. He's lovable same as the other babies we have in the house. It's a great feelin to say them kids running around in the house, though sometimes they are mean and naughty but it's a big relief to see them healthy and Happy. hmmm.... Our Home, become more noisy too.. well, it's understood since we have a lot of kids and we have a big Family! I'm very proud to have them and being a part of my family since we do help each other, even though somtimes we could not help it that there will be an arguement, But it's a part of living. What matter most, is that we care each other and We're always Happy! So We Welcome our baby boy Santino to the Family and to the world! we want want him to know that we love him that much and We're very happy to have him.. We love you baby Santino!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Move To Be Happy!!

Exercise?“PLEASE get ready for the morning exercise,” the student’s sleepy voice would say through the gymnasium’s speakers. My schoolmates and I would assemble at the gym every morning at 7.30 to sing the national anthem and morning prayers, and do the morning exercise.

Why, we would silently wail, why do we have to do this so early in the morning? My exercise grunts were just met by stern glares from the teachers. Perhaps if Elle Woods of “Legally Blonde” had been my classmate, I would have better appreciated that “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.”

As I aged though, I did learn the value of exercise. In the beginning, it was for vanity reasons. My metabolism was slowing down, and I had to stay fit to look fit. And then there was the health reason. I knew my sedentary lifestyle was taking a toll on my health, so I hit the gym. My friends would also exercise to tone their bodies, make new friends at fitness centers, lose weight. Valid motivations. But have you ever heard of anyone saying, “I exercise to be happy”?

Think about it. After a workout, you feel a certain high. I can describe it as a mix of relief (”Good thing I got my butt off the computer chair.”) and pride (”Good thing I got my butt off the computer chair!”). There’s that emotional boost, that spark of happiness brought about by a job well done and I guess, endorphins.

Perhaps that’s a good push to start exercising again. We know we’ll feel better after a workout. So why not use happiness as your end goal? When you see you’re ten pounds less, you’re happy. When your skin glows after a workout, you’re happy. When you’re able to run an extra lap, you’re happy. Happy, happy, happy.

Why not kick the morning off with some happy movements, and turn those exercise grunts into grins? Get that butt off your chair and move to be happy!

What a Weird Day!

I wake up late today and it seems i feel so lazy. My Hubby start waking me up since we need to leave a 12:00nn because we're invited to a bday party. I don't feel like doin anything since it's been raining and i don't like be in a hurry. So i decided to take my time and just be late on the party. Well.. glad to know that the rain stop. So far the weather was been pretty warm lately, so i just wear a skirt and a sleeveless blouse. since i'm so comfortable w/my outfit. And then when we ready to go, here comes the rain again and it started to pour real hard plus the wind blowing too, so it makes the weather colder. Still i don't change my outfit and went on. While in the car i take a look on the temperature ouside and it surprise me because it's 63 degrees F. well i guess it's okey though, and what's so weird, me and my hubby usually try to know what would be the temperature of each day,(even though some of them is not that accurate since it changes all the time) and we usually bring a coat w/us to be prepare just in case we have a car brake down. But what happen, only hubby was able to bring his coat and even forget to bring mine w/c he usually do. So when we arrived on our friend house, it's still raining and the wind blowing so hard that makes the weather more cooler. And Here i am started to chilled-out, i'm shaking so bad because i'm real cold. Then We just arrived and we're late, here comes my hubby decided to go home already because he scared i may get sick. I told him, we will eat first and stay a little while and then we'll go home. It's a mess! i love to stay longer w/c we usually do but i can't because it seems it getting more colder. What a weird day? well no choice though. Maybe tomorrow will be better and pretty day.