Friday, November 14, 2008

Random Thoughts...

* I am so happy because i know i will get a raise from my work.

* Good news from sister that my 2 months old niece Isabel is getting better after from the day of her operation.

* I got a day extra off last Tuesday since it's veterans day, I was able to see a doctor for the red spots come out all over in my body/or something like an allergy, so far it's gettin better now and i hope i won't have this kind of problem again because it really itches a lot.

* I was able to do some household chores and do some little advance Christmas shopping.

* I am so happy i was able to do my blog hopping past 3 days ago and I am looking forward to do my hopping again this weekend. I know i can't do everyday because i always work 10 hours a day. However i'll do my best to do it on weekend.

* I am so excited for our coming 4th year anniversary, In fact we already have a plan what to do, since it falls on the week, we will have our celebration then on the weekend.

*I'm happy to know that my mom is getting better with her health and hopefully she won't have no more major problems again.

* I'm so thankful to all the my friends in here for all the comments that i received i really do appreciate and thanks for visiting my blog. Thanks to All, HAPPY BLOGGING!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thanks To Heaven!!

I'm very happy to know that it seems everything has went back to normal now. I'm so glad that i able to make it after the storms came through in my life! I'm very thankful that my family back home is better also and they're able to surpass all the trials that comes along. One thing that i am so happy to know that the heart operation of my little niece has been very successful. My sister needs to bring her to Singapore to have the said operation. Right now, my little niece Isabel is in her recovery, however my sister still needs to have an extra care for her. Thanks to heaven because we made it and i'm very glad that we didn't give up. I know it cost us a lot of money however it doesn't matter. What is important we're able to save the life of my little niece Isabel and she still have the opportunity to see the beauty of this world. Life is important and we need to make it for the best and use every effort to live it in worthwhile living. I'm so grateful because God is great and he answered all my prayers. So, as of this time, i still need to work harder to pay off debts, however i know i can take it easy and the burden and worries are all gone. I'm so happy and thankful for everything happened in my life, good and bad because of these it made me into a better person and made me strong and be more optimistic! Thanks To Heaven...