Thursday, September 18, 2008

Windows Vista is so Easy and Friendly User!!!

I'm so glad that my desktop has Windows Vista now. I heard a lot of good things about it and heard bad things also about the windows vista. But a friend of mine always told me that windows vista works so great on her and she loves it though quite a few people sees it in a different way. And since i trust my friend words, I upgraded my desktop right away.

When i heard about
Windows Vista i get curious since most of my friends told me that it's very easy to use, it's a friendly user and very handy. So, i upgraded my desktop so that i can have vista with it and see it for myself. First, it's hard for you to understand how to operate it but it won't take you very long to configure everything because it's really easy and it's true that Windows Vista is so handy and a friendly user. What i love about it? of course the features and it has a solution center where you can type in and it will help you to answer your question or search something anything that you need. With Windows Vista everything is so perfect since it has Small Business Assurance Program started by Microsoft that aims to provide free support, compatibility assistance and one-on-one coaching from Microsoft to keep your experience with Windows Vista smooth and hassle-free. It has free customer support that you can avail anytime you need it. With Windows Vista it comes along with Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player where you can play all your favorite music. And everything comes so handy anytime and it's easy to use. And if you will ask me if i am going to stick with Vista? my answer is absolutely YES!

I don't know what happened????

When i check my blog yesterday i don't know what's wrong with my template, i don't really have any idea and i was so tired to fool with it so i just let it be. And then when i arrived from work tonight i check it again and it just the same thing, so i tried to do my best as i can that i won't lost anything on my widgets most especially my blogger list coz i know how tiring it is to re-do everything since i been through with it before. Anyway i don't have enough time to read the updates here in blogger and i don't know really why my templates is not working right or whatsoever, but i'm still glad that i was able to save everything i have in my blog, all the widgets and the bloggers list, Thanks God... and hopefully i won't havethis problem again. Anyway what's is important my blog went back to normal and i will do my best then to catch up on everything later.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Plan Vacation...

I'm so excited because before the summer will end, some of my friends where i work at has a plan to have a group outing and vacation to a different state. And one of them, she said that we should be going to Morey’s Piers, the best amusement park at New Jersey, Wow i can't wait for it since it will be my first time to be there. I heard a lot of nice things about Morey's Piers and for sure we will enjoy our vacation at new jersey because this amusement park has a lot of facilities, beside from all different rides Morey's Piers also is very known for the best New Jersey waterparks and it's a best place to have your escaped at New Jersey! And what's nice about it we can save also because we will be going there as a group and with a group of 20 or more you will surely enjoy incredible savings at Morey’s Piers and Beachfront waterparks. Save up to 55% off their general admission price with their mid-week group rates! Whether it’s a family reunion, camp, church or just an “escape from it all”, Morey’s Piers can offer summer fun for everyone. It's also a very nice place to have your family beach vacation. So what are you waiting for? check out and place your reservation today before the summer will end. I know for sure that you will enjoy your stay there.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Smile.. Smile and Be Happy!!

MyHotComments.comI am so happy because all the people who knows me in the place where i work, so far they all like me, not to brag about it but i am very thankful that it seems i have no problem with no one. All of them keeps tellin me that they like me a whole lot because i am very sweet and very well like person. Most of them call me sweety. (smile.. hehehe.. wink) I am really flattered about it. Well.. all i do is just be myself and i always wear a smiling face anyway. I don't prawn or be a snub because i am not used to that. In fact all of them said that i am happy all the time and i always smile. I told them i have no reason to get sad and if in case i have a problem or i am in a bad mood it will not be good for me be sad or be a snub just because i am ill tempered, that would be unreasonable for me to do that. And i don't want to worry about things too much because worrying will not help me either so it's better to smile and keep on smiling and be happy all the time. When you smile it makes your day lighter and better. So we should be happy all the time if we can because our life is short, and still living is a very good reason to be happy and thankful. I am very thankful really to the GOD that even though how hard and rough my work sometimes i still have the patience and energy to keep me going. I have a lot of reason to be happy all the time and keep on smiling because i have a wonderful husband who is always beside me and support me every time. My family that i know who is always there for me and to Our Almighty God for keeping me safe and healthy all the time.

The Best Soccer Mom Story!!

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