Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Good Start For A New Year!!!

I am grateful in everything what happened to my life. A year passed by, another year come in. I am so Happy because i have a good start for this new year! I don't know what will be the whole picture for 2010 for us, however i am already blessed because i got promoted for a new position at my work. I THANK THE LORD for everything, for all the trials, smile, laughter's, sadness, tears and happiness that I've been through for the whole year of 2009. All those things happened in my life bad and good, it mold me to be a better person and made me of what i am now. I do thank also to my husband for being supportive all the way and for loving me. I am really blissful to have what i have right now. I THANK THEM ALL!! AND I WELCOME FOR ANOTHER NEW YEAR AND NEW PAGE OF MY LIFE!!!