Monday, June 16, 2008

BaD haiR daY...

What a mess??? it's a nusty day and i don't like it at all. hehehe.. Today we have a heavy rain and storms, My connection keeps kicking me off since the rain pouring so hard plus a heavy blows of the wind, the electric will just suddenly went off and then back again. Oh goshh.. it piss me off, but what's else i can do? if i'll pay much attention to it, for sure it will get in to my nerves, hehehe, and same as usual, smile as my way of theraphy to ease my temper and to cool me off. I really look nutty, even hubby just wondering what's wrong w/ me? i 'm starting to fight w/my laffy, hehehe.. and complining about that weather. But, in other hand, i should be thankful though that we have a rain today for it's very hot in a few weeks, and that rain help to cool it down the temperature. The storms, is one thing i don't like at all, even i don't have nothing to worry about it since it can't do that much here in our place for the fact that we're sorrounded w/ a lot and tall mountains, but when the wind blow so hard, some of the limbs from the tree fell off and will cause to damage some of the electric wire or else a thunder storm will hit it and that's it, electric will went off suddendly.

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