Saturday, June 14, 2008


Today is mom's birthday, and on her birthday i wish her all the best and good health. I give her a call last night since we have a 12 hours differences, and we greet her. Hubby and I both told her that we really do care and we love her that much. In this year, mom is been sick and been to the hospital many times, I got so worried about her and i really don't know what to do since i'm a thousands miles away, It's really hard for my part, but i have to be tough and a strong for her. I'm very glad and happy that she reach another year older, though she don't like it when her bday's come because she said she's getting real old, and i keep tellin her, that she not that old at all and she have to live more because i really don't know what to do if i lost her. To my mom, how i could wish i was there to celebrate w/you on your special day and we can tell you how much we love you. HAPPY, HAPPY 69th birthday mama. We love you very much, Hope you'll get more better and You be Careful always. We love you mama and may you have many, many, many more bday's to come.

(....This taking During Mom's 63rd bday....)
.....Mom w/ Kate.....


Pinay WAHM said...

Happy Birthday to your Mama, Kate! Here's wishing her more happy birthdays to come. Good health and more blessings for her 69th birthday! Wow, next year will be the big 7-0! That must be something you will be looking forward to.

By the way, thanks for the comments you left in my blog on my father's day entry. Just like you and many others I know, I was a Daddy's/Tatang's girl. So mahirap talaga tanggapin pag wala na sila. I've accepted that he's gone already kasi he died 4 months after my mother died. He was so unhappy those 4 last months of his life kasi wala na ang nanay namin. He was the one who was sick but my mother passed earlier so when he passed, we knew he was happy because he couldn't wait to be reunited with our Nanay.

Have a great Sunday!


laura said...

happy bday to ur mom