Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This is where i live.

Hazard is located in Perry County, on the north fork of the Kentucky River in southeastern Kentucky. It is called the Queen City of the Mountains, with rolling hills, river valleys and beautiful scenery. Hazard gives its residents all the benefits of rural life - the security of a small town, with easy access to larger cities. I Love This place very much even though is more likely a province. Yeah, we live in the countryside, away from too much traffic and crowds.
If you want to live a place where you can hear the birds sing, the sound of the animals and waters flow, i can say this is a nice place to live in. People and neighborhood are very nice. even though you didn't see them that much since most of them are busy with their different works, but still you know that your safe and away from any harm.
I'm very glad and i don't regret at all that we settled and lived here, the hillbilly monutains.


Inaj said...

Dropping here Kate. How are you?

hazelicious929 said...

I have been to Hazard Kate! hehehe