Friday, June 13, 2008

Netspend Prepaid Card.

Yahhoooooo.. I receive today the second card that i order from Netspend for my mom. It's a debit visa card, where you can use anywhere as long they accept it. Actually this is the only card i have here, one reason also, i can't apply for credit card since i have a bad credit(smile), i guess that's how they call it when you don't have any credit history, because they consider if you don't have a credit, it means you have no capacity to pay at all, it so bad though, But i prefer to pay cash than to get it by credit as long you have a money in hand. Anyway, credit is handy too, for emergency puposes and as long you know how to manage it. So, when my friend told me about Netspend, i didn't think twice and i apply for it, since they don't have any credit check, as well it's very easy to apply.
It also provides prepaid debit cards solutions including prepaid Visa and Mastercard branded card programs. And when you have your card in hand, all you have to do is reload it on their respective reloading agent and that's it, you are ready to go.

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