Wednesday, June 11, 2008

...A Thought for my Bestfriend....

(One sweet memories w/ yenyen.)
I'm so Happy because just 2 hours ago, i bid an earrings and won the item, because i'm so glad and happy i won it, i give a big hug and squeeze to my hubby. hehehe... and then after that, i came back online and write a post about it here in my blog... and then suddenly i remember my bestfriend. I pause for a while and think.. yeah it's been 5 years already since the last time we see each other, and it's been 3years too the last time we talk. I tried many times to keep in touch and try to find out something her whereabouts, but i failed. And then i don't know what happen to her or what's new about her. So i decided to write a note for her here in my blog just in case she might able to read this and it's my way too for letting her know that i still think and care about her.

" To my bestfriend yenyen, I know it's been a long time we never see each other and talk each other, but i want you to know that i still care and i'm still here for you. As i said whatever happen, I won't change and stay the same the way you know me before. I do hope you stay the same too. You just don't know how much i miss our talks and every things we shared and done. I really don't have an idea when we can see other again, but i'm sure somehow, someday our roads will cross and on that time i can rest assured that i'm still the same person and i'm still your bestfriend that you know. I love you yenyen and i wish that you remember me too."

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E-Tavasi said...

Wahh.. you have a nice best friends name Yenyen.. Looks like you really miss your best friends (^_^)