Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dancing with friends!!

Dancing?? oh gosh!! everytime i heard a dance music my heart start to beat so fast and i don't know what 2 do. Hmmpp.. it is because i'm sacred that my friends will grab me to the dance floor and will let me dance with them. The fact is, I love to dance but i really don't know how to dance. sad to say but my feet are both left, sounds so bad but it's the truth! Actually, i tried to dance before since it's a must for all the teachers to join the teacher's night. But i feel so ashame because i could not catch up the dance step no matter how hard i tried. So our dance instructor have no option but to give me another role. "A Queen Servant" (because the dance represent a certain tribe.)hehehe.. shame on me but i have to accept it that i can't dance. anyway i like my role, there's no hassle at all.

But until i met my friends(My Classmate in Masteral Degree),we're five in the group and three of them like dancing very much. They love night life and go dancing. The first time i went with them (i remember very go we went to "THE VILLAGE",back in 2003.) it's so crowded and the sound of the music is so loud, inside you can't hardly move and hear each other. But they Love the place, i have no choice but to stay and get long. I can't blame them too, In Fact they're really a very nice and good friend. A friend indeed! They're always there in times of trouble and won't put you down and stub ur back. They're just simply human that love very much to go disco, dance and have Fun! (mga kikay ug kalogs) or may i say nerd in disguise, hehehe. It's because of them i start to learn how to dance. I remembered; They told me once that i don't have to worry about others and don't worry if i'm not doing the right steps/moves. They said just listen to the music, listen to the beat of your heart. start to move your body and without knowing you already dancing with ur own steps. OH GOD! when i did it, i think i accomplish something. I'm so happy and feel so great! I may not be a graceful dancer but at least i can say now that i can dance with my own move and rules. winks... Thanks to my friends, and dancing with them will always make my happy. It's a lot of fun and we really enjoy very much everytime we went dancing! How I could wish we can do it again soon.

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