Thursday, June 12, 2008

...Music is my life...

I'm listening today all my cebuano(bisayan songs) collections, like, kamingaw sa payag, turagsoy, usahay, matud nila, dahong laya, pasayloa kon ugaling, baleleng, waray-waray, etc., it's a collection's from a different popular singer, like Max Surban, Dulce Amor , Pilita Corrales and many more. As one of my habit, and as a part of my daily routine, i usually listen to music since it always inspired me. Music is already a part of my life. In fact i made already a lot of cd's, dvd's of different kind of songs.

While writing this post, my music is still playing, it kinda always make me move and motivates me to everything if there's a music while i'm doing something. Honestly, i can't sing at all, but music is a big part of me. Most especially the songs of the 60's 70's and 80's it's really great! they never faded by the years. Different people keep reviving it and make their own version but still the main thought of the song is there, they may have their own way of singing it.

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concealed mind said...

Music is one thing I can't leave without. Thanks for sharing your thought and visiting my site Kate