Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thanks To My Family and to my Husband!!

G! I forgot that today is my birthday, hehehe, i didn't pay that much of attention on the date and i didn't think about it because i'm too focus on my work and i'm looking forward to my OJT training since this is the last week for our training class plus we will start taking calls today. So i am so excited and nervous about it. I keep thinking if i can assist a costumer or what would be happen then. Last night, when my hubby pick me up he said he has something waiting for me at the house. He didn't mention anything about my birthday or it's already my birthday because it's 12 am in the midnight when we are our way home. So i thought he just fix me some dinner. When we arrived home, i came inside by the back door and i was surprise because my hubby prepared a very nice dinner for us, He bake me a cake with a flowers in the table and balloons and some candles around. I am so flattered and very happy. I really thought he wont do anything for my birthday since we already celebrated both our birthday last friday when we went to charleston WV for my biometrics, we both treat our self after my biometrics. Aside from hubby, my family back home and my mother give me a call and greeted me. I am really happy and very thankful because i have a lot of people around me that i know really cares. Aside from my family and my husband, i am very thankful also to our Almighty Father for all the blessings that he showered to us. Gaining one year old today is such a very good blessing from God. And i do hope that i will have more bday's to come!

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Michelle said...

Wow, sweet naman ng hubby mo. :) Happy Birthday girl! Hope you have more birthday's to come and candles to blow. :)