Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Reveiws about the Movie of "A Walk To Remember"

As far as i know that the movie of " A Walk to Remember" gathered a lot of positive reviews, and i'm quite curious to know what the viewers said about it. Me, myself had been watching this movie and perhaps can't remember how many times. And i even give this movie a thumbs up! Every time i watch it, it always makes me cry. I really love the story though the ending is sad and it's not clear or specified. But it is still one the nicest love story i've ever seen. And as i look up for the reviews about it, this is what i found out what most of the viewers said about the movie.

"It is my favorite movie I want to meet a guy like that Mandy And Shane looked great together"

"awwwa sweet!!"

"OMG I have never cried so much! Ever!!! I love this film and will do untill I die! I think Its so sad and just really heartwarming. I love the soundtrack and the book (as well as the film) I love it! xx"

"ive never cried more in my life"

"i think it is verrrrrrrry wonderful and magnificent !! in addition ,shane west is very charming and goood looking!!"

"a walk t remember is a wonderful film. It has drama, romance, and suspence. it is a beautiful story and the actors are great."

"A film to remember, shocking, great, I love it,It is one of the best films I`ve ever seen, and the best lovestory I`ve ever heard about. It`s just fantastic. Actors, soundtrack, every single detail was great chosen and prepared. I loved the soundtrack, it made the film even better that it would have been without music."

See? can you imagine that? i bet all the viewers of this movie had a positive feedback. And for you to check it yourself, visit Walk to Remember and for sure you will be amazed that a thousand of them leave a positive feedback.

And i included here a short video clip about the movie. Hope you like it and enjoy watching!


nahj12 said...

promise not to fall in love with me.. awww.. that line.. weee

jHeLea said...

That movie is one of my favorites sis...It has taught me to love unconditionally....

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate.. know what, i also like this movie. One of my favourites actually. And just like u i love to watch this over and over again.

pearl1003 said...

this is my favorite mandy moore movie! i dont just like it, i LOVE it!!!