Sunday, August 10, 2008

No Water....

We don't have any water today, Unlucky the we don't know that the water supply will quit running, so we wasn't able to save water on a bucket. I'm glad that i able to take a bath already before it quit. The reason we don't have any water today because one of the main water line was busted and they're still fixing it. And until now, it's not on yet ..(sigh...) we have no other choice, we have to wait til it will run again before we can wash the dishes. It's to bad, what else we can do... if we just know that the water line will be busted.. we should already save water for us to use. Well.. upon writing this post my hubby told me that the water come on.. Thanks that it is fix again.. yahoooooo... i can start washing dishes now and be right back on blogging after my house chores. Happy Blogging to all and have a great week! Enjoy the Week!

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