Friday, August 15, 2008

My First Pay Check..

Hooray... Finally i received my first pay check last night during our lunch time. I am so happy to received it! I miss this kind of feelings when you receive your salary. A feeling of Fulfillment because you work for it! I'm so thankful for my hubby for letting me to work because it really help me in a way. Now that i am earning, i don't feel helpless no more and this feeling is so great because you know that you can make it without depending to anyone else. It's not mean i don't need any help to anyone but it's great when you know that the money you're earning you worked for it and it's a fruit of your own labor.

And i told my hubby that i will get me something especial for myself as a remembrance of my first pay check. hehehe.. oh boy i can't wait for the weekend though i know it will be tomorrow. How i could wish it is today so that i can start to look up for something to buy and have a little window shopping as well. Well anyway, time passes so quick, so i should'nt worry about it because tomorrow will be saturday already. Happy Friday to all and Happy Blogging!!

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