Saturday, July 5, 2008

...Random Thoughts...

*We wake up early because we need to go to hubby's sister house for their little gathering.

* I check the mailbox, the answering machine to see who give us a call and leave us a msgs.

* We're trying to go early to hubby's sister house and then we have a bad luck because the car won't start, battery is dead. I call our neighbor to give us a hand and he bring hubby to walmart to get a new battery and help him to put it in.

* We arrived late at edith house (hubby's sister)and I had a little fun indeed. A quit few of hubby's relatives came over.

* I met hubby's nephew and his wife from ohio and they're both nice people.

* suddenly a bad storm came, it started to rain very bad, and after that, the sun try to come back again, And I seen a very beautiful rainbow. So bad i miss it because i wasn't able to bring my camera with me.

* We arrived at home late in the evening, before going directly home, we drop by for a while a walmart to get us something to eat for midnight snack.

* I make this post and will do blog hop hop after this. See you all tomorrow and have a great day ahead of us!


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