Monday, June 30, 2008

International Oddities - Legal Bud World Leader

One day my step son visit us at home. He ask me if he can use my computer, because he needs to order something online. I told him he can use it. And week after that, he visit us again, and he let me see what he ordered online on the time he came over. I thought he was kidding around when he showed it to me, I asked him if that was grass? and i said your wasting your money for it, and then it came on my mind, wait, my stepson is using weeds? and i guess he figure out directly what's on my mind, So he laugh and laugh... so i wondered what's funny? And then he told me, that i was wrong on what i thought and he don't waste his money buying it. He said, this is called "Blueberry Bud" and then upon hearing it, i smiled on myself. He said it's better than smoking marlboro, i thought he was kidding around. But he is not, because that smoking bud he got is like a herbal bud. And he told me that if i want to buy smoking bud and let my brother try it, buy it at International Oddities because they have good prices and their products is really good. Just like that blueberry bud he bought, he said, it's just mild and he really like the taste. And one thing also about International Oddities, they sells 100% Legal Buds and Herbal Smokes plus dozens of smoking accessories for the RYO (Roll Your Own) consumer. He said, he like buying at international oddities compare to VANILLA BEANS 22 another companies selling smoking bud and almost have the same products that International oddities sell. The reason why, because international oddities have the variety and adventure for the sophisticated smoker and has a reasonable price. And if you want to experience this kind of adventure in smoking bud, visit

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Anonymous said...

Hey I heard the International Oddities bud was the Pineapple Express weed and lots of other movies too! Go International Oddities!

My friends did give me some "Dro" packed in a box just like it came from the 7 Eleven or something. That stuff was awsome!

Where can I buy this stuff?

Bluntrunner (Brian)