Wednesday, July 2, 2008

...Busy day...

I have a busy day today, When i wake up this morning i have to take a shower that quick because i will meet my good friend charity in town. And since i went to bed late last night, it makes my ass dragging to wake up early. hehehe, so i keep lying down in bed til i have to catch up on time. My hubby keeps tellin me to get ready and i keep saying yes in a minute. But anyway, though i have a busy day. I really enjoy and have a great time indeed. We eat at panderosa and then do our running around and window shopping. In fact, i got tired when i arrived home, just check my blog for a while and do my regular hopping and then relaxing while watching a movie and then decide to write this post. After this i have to go to bed since it's already 1:00am already. So, catch you later and have Wonderful day ahead of Us all.

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