Monday, June 30, 2008

Missing My Mom!!!

I feel sad today, and i'm wishing that i can back home right now. I miss my mom!.Last night while surfing in the net, and looking again all the pictures that i stored in a cd, i see all those photos of my younger days with my family and especially my mom. Upon looking them photos, i miss home, and i miss my mom the most. If i didn't get married to my hubby, i know that i'm still in my mom side right now. As a matter of fact, this is a first time that i am away with my mom and family. Among of all mom's kids, i am the closest one to her or may i say i am her right hand, everywhere she go, you'll always see i am with her. I remembered, that most of my co-teacher before keeps kidding around me that i can't get married, and it will be hard for a man to court me because he need to captured first my mom's heart before mine. hehehe, because they all know that i can't stay away from mom. As they said I am a mama's girl. What's mama want me to do is what i will do. But i don't care about it, i love being my mama's girl and i love my mom company, being with her all the time give me comfort and security. And being away from her for long time, i feel i missed a lot of things being with her, But this the fact, i can't be with her for all my life because i have to go on and have a family as well. I know it's really hard on my part. Anyway, i'm very glad that i have a very understanding hubby, he keeps tellin me to call my mom every time i miss her, and i chat with her sometimes online, though i really wish to do it everyday but i have to understand she can't do it. Hearing her voice on the phone and seeing her on the cam online is big a help and relief!


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about this, yeah being far from them makes us sad. especially the breakfast serve on the table hayy kakamiss

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cathy said...

u're right..i miss my sis, too..she's working abroad...