Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Before i move here in the states, i told my hubby that i don't want to live here for good. I will try to see how things go here. In a first place, we don't have a plan to come over here and live, our agreement that my hubby will stay in phlippines for good, because i don't want to be away from my family since i'm very close to my mother , my nieces and nephews. I told him before that of course i want to say how a states/US looks like, maybe we will come over for a visit and see some of his family and relatives. And to be fair with him, i come over here and try to see if i will like it here. In fact, i really do love this place, and the weather helps my trouble in my ear and my sinusitis because it's not that dusty here. And right now, every country suffer for economic crisis, and the situation in philippines is very bad, it is very crisis there and everything is too high which is not balance because the wages is low and unemployment is one of the problem. It's sad to say it, but this is the reality in our country, i love my homeland very much, but somehow, things there is really hard and that makes me confused. I am undecided which to do later, and even my hubby said that i can't make up my mind. Well, i told him, let us see first, but whatever i will decide later, i want to be sure that it will make me happy.

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