Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I was Hired!!

I'm very Happy!! Finally my husband agreed me to work and i know that it will help us in a lot of ways. Anyway, i apply in a call center here in our town. I submit an application with them online and then send me another form for considering me as an applicant, but i didn't fill it out since on that time my hubby don't agreed with me about working. But i explain to him the reason why i need to work. He understand my reason and now he's happy for me. I really thought that i will try to find another job or will do job hunt since i didn't submit that form back, but i'm really lucky, maybe this is God's will and i guess everything happen for the best, they already tried to call me at home twice and i wasn't able to answer and return their call. But today, i receive another call from them and asking me if i'm still interested in applying for a job, and i said yes, and the woman told me that i have to come over to fill up an application since i just do it online, and when i went there, they give me testing and interview as well, after that i was hired! oh boy, can't believe it! i'm so overwhelmed and very happy! I went out from the company door with a very big smile on my face with that company agreement i signed in my hand, right then my hubby knows that i was hired. Hooray! I'm so excited already for my first day of work, can't wait for it. I will start to report on July 28, and i just hope everything will work out good for me.


Darlyn said...

congrats for being hired!!

God bless just be happy:)

jenn_US said...

wow congratulations. im also looking for a job but no luck yet. hehe.