Wednesday, July 16, 2008

God is Great!!

I received a forwarded video from my very good friend te carrie, and this video clip is from youtube. It's very nice video. On this video it shows the passion of christ, and seeing this one really makes me feel great and happy because i know God love us very much and i know that God is so great, but somehow this video brings pain also in my heart because God suffer a lot and was nails in the cross just to save the people whom he loves very much. And i'm very thankful that Jesus Christ loves us so much for he save the people. And i'm proud to say that God is so great and i feel his presence a lot of time.


Dezz said...

Agree, God is good all the time. He's always there never forsake us.

Anonymous said...

Is it so that God is the answer to the "Why" question? I have noticed that many people who have courage and keep on track in these not always easy times are Christians. Looks like you're doing a great job!