Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Having Safe Calls!

Me and my hubby get pissed off everyday from unwanted calls and telemarketer, that's why we turn-off our phone most of the time. And most of the time, we miss a very important call because we turn it off, so having our telephone don't help us that much since it is off, so that we won't be bothered from any unwanted calls. And i told my hubby that there should be another phone company that will offer to protect us from unwanted calls. So, i search online, i came across at Safercalls Website, and as i read their services and policy, i like it very much and it's very good. Since safercalls will protect you from bad dates, telemarketers, and any sort of unwanted caller. With one safercalls phone numbers you can do things like block private, unwanted callers, mask the caller's caller id, forward calls internationally and a lot more. With them, they can do a lot of things for you just to meet your needs. And take note, they have a very affordable monthly fee with $19.99 only and very reasonable price for international calls. So if you want to have a private phone without any unwanted calls and control who can call you only, visit safercalls.com now and sign up with them, i know you won't regret and will love their services.

Press Release:

Major Telephone Companies Blown Out of Water by Innovative New Player

July 15, 2008 – SaferCalls launches new service to get rid of any unwanted callers. With full control of who calls and when they call, you never have to receive harassing calls again.

Bad dates, stalkers, and telemarketers can be turned into blocked numbers in seconds by simply adding them to the block call list. They will never get through to you. SaferCalls protects you from the worst possible threat with the control you need, when you need it. Tired of bad dates, unwanted callers, and telemarketers? We're offering a special for $9.99/month when you signup with coupon code: 760508 at http://www.safercalls.com (Offer Valid til Aug 1).

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