Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Simple Healing Prayer

Dear God, we pray for the quick recovery of all the sick and the dying especially those suffering from LUPUS, CANCER and OTHER ILLNESSES. And may find COURAGE in their PAIN. Amen.To those who will be tagged, all you have to do is keep this circulating.Even if it’s to only one person. In memory of anyone you know that has been struck down by a serious illness like Lupus or Cancer or is still living with it. A Candle Loses Nothing by Lighting Another Candle.

Blogs who prayed:1.) Eida’s Closet 2.) My Precious 3.) Just Me.. Eds 4.) Milet5.) FunFierceFab 6.) Surviving deployment 7.Katelove's 8. your blogPlease

Keep This Candle Going!There will be a cure soon.Continue to have Hope and continue to pray!

I'm very Thankful to sis cecile for sharing this tag to me. I really appreciate it and i do pray for the quick recovery for all people who suffer an illness and who are sick. Once again, Thank you so much sis cecile!


Dan said...

Hi, I'm joining you in offer healing prayer for the sick.

I'll also post this in my blog to encourage others to offer prayer.

Tey said...

I've done this tag and I find it the most meaningful tag I ever did. HI Kate, visitin you from 3 of my blogs
Concealed Mind
Ester's Daily Thoughts
Ester's Money Journal

JeFf & NoVa said...

Hello dear kit-kate.. thanks for adding me back dear and i'm glad u did notify me also.

yup, i made it here and men, too many things to adjust and to not really right away to adapt it.. but i'm learning somethings everyday.

i'm here in jamestown ny state. i'm glad i got here and it's the summer season that way i wouldn't be bitching at my fiancee about the weather.. hehehehe...

this is pretty nice prayer, also thank you for the visit. surely miss ur messages too. i hope everything is great with you.

i'm trying to cope up here and at least earn some money as i needed it badly since i don't have anywork yet. hopefully that as the day pass i'll be blog hopping as much as i can to get updated online.

enjoy the rest of the day... =)

Cecile n' Matt said...

you are welcome, dear :-) i, too appreciate the tag a lot...and the taggers.