Thursday, June 26, 2008

A picture made by my friend!

This is a picture poems that made by my friend chevy. I really appreciate her for doing this for me and taking her time to make it. I'm very greatful to have a friend like her, who always there for me and for being true. She forwarded it to me in friendster and i really do like it. To chevy, thank you very much and i wanted you to know that i'm always here for you. You can rest assured that you can always count me.


Jake Tornado said...

Great pic!

Kenji said...

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SekSziiCHiicQ said...

nice. so sweet of your friend:)

MIRA said...

Hi thanks for visiting back, yes we can xlinks, here are my blogs. Pls leave at my site all your urls you want linked up, tks.
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