Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's all about Norberto!

You may wondered who he is? well, he is one of a popular person who become famous by his works and for being a dedicated teacher, as well as an administrator and principal. Norberto Diaz has served as Principal in Kearny, Haworth and Newark, NJ. Yeah, His name is Norberto Diaz!, a man with a passion in music. He is a very good music teacher and He has a very good relationship with parents, students and even in the community. Aside from being a popular, he's a very likable person who had been loved by the people who knows him. Instead of a busy routine in his profession, he still have a time to reach the students and he uses his songs that he wrote by performing it, and through his songs, he promote the good benefits of staying at school. He indeed, care about the students needs and having a good education. For you to know more about his works, passion in music and how he become of where he is now, visit Norberto Diaz and you will be amaze of all the good performances he had and for being a good music teacher himself.

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