Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Solar Eclipse for this Year!

What come up first in your mind if we have Solar Eclipse? Me, to tell you the truth i really don't know what to think about it. When i was in a grade school, i can't remember exactly what year, we had a solar eclipse that time, it was in the philippines back then, we Filipinos had a lot of traditional beliefs or superstitious beliefs, on that time we had a solar eclipse, i remembered very good, most people in our brgy.(community) makes a lot of noise, do chanting which i don't understand why, and a lot of don'ts that day that we can't do because of solar eclipse and even a belief that solar eclipse is also bad for a pregnant woman and i can't explain exactly why. Anyway, This year again we will have another solar eclipse and it was predicted to be a special solar eclipse. This solar eclipse will be happen this coming August 1 and upon reading the article about it, i don't know for some reason it gives me two kind of emotions, it scare me and make me excited too. Here's some of the article that i am talking about;

" Friday, August 1 is a red-letter day for eclipse enthusiasts. On that date, the sun will be partially eclipsed over an immense area that includes western and central Asia, parts of northern and central Europe, all of Greenland and even a small slice of northeastern North America.

A total solar eclipse - the first in nearly two and a half years - will be visible along a narrow track that will start over the Northwest Passage of Canada, gives a glancing blow to northern Greenland, then shifts southeast through Siberia and western Mongolia and before ending near the famed Silk Route of China. "
To read the whole Article kindly visit Special Solar Eclipse.

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Imelda said...

wow i will watch this.i always enjoyed watching eclipse.