Sunday, July 27, 2008

Playstation 2 component incites African war...

As i browse online, i came across to this article about the PSP 2, and i can't imagine that a metal used in Sony’s Play station 2 and similar devices has resulted in drastic consequences. Since a high demand for the metallic ore, coltan. After processing, coltan turns into a powder called tantalum, which is used extensively in a wealth of western electronic devices including cell phones, computers and, of course, game consoles. It lead to some disagreement and force labor in the congo society. For you to understand more about it, here's some of the line of the article i am talking about.

"Allegedly, the demand for coltan prompted Rwandan military groups and western mining companies to plunder hundreds of millions of dollars worth of the rare metal, often by forcing prisoners-of-war and even children to work in the country's coltan mines. "Kids in Congo were being sent down mines to die so that kids in Europe and America could kill imaginary aliens in their living rooms," said Ex-British Parliament Member Oona King." And to read the whole article kindly visit Playstation 2 component incites African war.

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