Thursday, August 28, 2008

My last week for My OJT..

This is my last week for my OJT and so far i'm doing better on my performance and i'm very glad about it. At this time i begin to feel comfortable with my work because i understand and i know now what i am doing. I can't assist that costumer as fast as the regular associate but i'm doing good and hopefully i will do better like them. And for the first time i stay overtime last night and i love doing it. In fact i am thinking to stay again for overtime tonight though i am not still fine with my cold. But it's okey, i guess i wil get better then. It's not that bad for the past two days, but hopefully it will go away now because it really bothers me. Anyway what it is important i'm still doing fine and i am happy for my improvement at my work. Til here for now and happy blogging to all! HAPPY THURSDAY!

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