Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Weekend!

My weekend turn out very fine. Yesterday my filipino friends picked me up at home and we went to a Filipino store. I really enjoy my day and i bought me quite a few oriental foods for anytime use. I don't usually stock up that much because i don't eat that much too, beside i am already use to eating this western dishes. In fact i love the foods here but sometimes i miss my own dishes. Well, about yesterday, i have a lot of fun though i am a little bit tired from the week work but i still enjoy the company of my filipino friends. It's really different when you hang out with the same people who has same race as yours because you can always relate every topic you have and you won't be out of place too. hehehe. And after we done our grocery we went to the chinese buffet but it's too bad though because we forgot to take some pictures..(grrr...sigh) anyway, what is important we enjoy the day and we have fun.

And Today, me and my hubby went to the flea market just to see what's new there. And luckily we found someone selling peaches and cream corn, the one that my hubby love very much, so we bought 4 dozen. When we arrived home, honey cooked the one dozen and we almost eat all of it. hehehe, i guess i am a big eater now and my appetite seems to be very good. I am very thankful that my weekend turn out very fine and and everything went well too. til here and Happy blogging to all!

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