Thursday, September 25, 2008

As i Believe in Angel Sent by God!!!

I do believe that all of us has a guardian angel who keeps watching over us and taking care of us. How many times have you been save by danger? or have you felt that somehow, someone out there is watching over you? Have you feel also if something bad happen, it seems you feel it and there's a warning or you foresees things that it will turn bad. I know a lot of us feel different uncommon things that's hard to explain. Sometimes we'll be puzzle why it is like this and like that. All of this, is hard to understand. But all i can say, it's God's power, and God send an Angel to watch over us everyday. And i know that my angel is always with me because a lot of time i was save in a danger. Or may i say, it's not yet really for my time. But i'm still thankful for God's power because of him i was save a lot of times and he still allows me to see the beauty of the world.

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