Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Peaceful Place...

For me living in a peaceful place away from crowds, pollution and danger is very nice. Sometimes it's nice to be just by yourself or living away from many people because your away from chaos and gossip. I know that in this world we really need someone or friends because we can't live alone, no man is an island that can stay there by itself. As a person we need somebody to be with and people around to socialize. Somehow this new era is different the way it was before. People changed and they don't have much of feelings compared to the old days. I am not saying that people now a days don't have feelings at all, but you know that there is a difference and that's the reason that you prefer to be just yourself so that you will be away from this cruelty of others.
And it's a reason why also that i prefer to live by our self, not away from everybody but a place that is peaceful that you will have a peace of mind anytime if you need it. A place that away from too much crowds, pollution and danger. A place that you know your safe and close to nature. This is a reason why i love living here in Eastern Kentucky though is more on mountains and really out in the country but i know i am safe in here and living in a small town, not to many big crowds and very peaceful is very nice indeed! In fact i love it because life is so simple and living with peace of mind is really wonderful.

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faye said...

nice photos here.
nice place i think
gbu,,,passingby here