Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mixed Emotions... myspace graphic comments myspace graphic comments myspace graphic comments myspace graphic comments

As of this moment i'm very excited for my work, can't wait for my first day. Since it's my first time to work here in the states, i'm so anxious and excited for my new job. I know i will love it and will enjoy working. At the same time, i kinda worry because i may have problems dealing with my co-workers but i don't pay it that much of attention, but still i want to have a good working relation with them and i do hope that most of them will be friendly, though we can't avoid that few of them will be snubs. I guess u can always find them anywhere. Aside for being excited, anxious, worried, i am sad too, because my hubby's bday and my bday is coming very soon. And both our bdays fall on week days, so meaning we can't celebrate it since i'm not allowed to miss work coz i'm on prohibition. Even though hubby said we might forget our bdays this year, i still don't like the idea. So maybe we will just celebrate it either on advance or belated during the weekend. Anyway, what is important, We're happy, Healthy and thats all we wish for our birthdays. And i'm still thankful because i have already an advance bday gift, "getting a job!" I am so lucky because it's my first time to apply and was hired on the spot. I'm so thankful to all the blessing that came my way!


nahj12 said...

wow.. congrats and wish you luck.. on your new job :)

Suprihatin said...

You have collection a gliter emotion. It's very nice n cool

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Anonymous said...

hi katie! i am pretty sure you will do alright. do update us on your work adventures. congratulations on getting a job! :)

mahendra said...

do it what you can, everything would be alright, good bless you always !

idealpinkrose said...

what a great gift! goodluck on your first job there in states! and advance happy bday to both of you! love is the most special gift that you can give to your hubby! Besides, you are working on that day so i'm sure he can understand that.

Greetings from korean food.

Cahaya Hati Nurani said...

have a nice day there
I am happy when u r happy

first day at work..
trust will be wonderful..