Friday, November 14, 2008

Random Thoughts...

* I am so happy because i know i will get a raise from my work.

* Good news from sister that my 2 months old niece Isabel is getting better after from the day of her operation.

* I got a day extra off last Tuesday since it's veterans day, I was able to see a doctor for the red spots come out all over in my body/or something like an allergy, so far it's gettin better now and i hope i won't have this kind of problem again because it really itches a lot.

* I was able to do some household chores and do some little advance Christmas shopping.

* I am so happy i was able to do my blog hopping past 3 days ago and I am looking forward to do my hopping again this weekend. I know i can't do everyday because i always work 10 hours a day. However i'll do my best to do it on weekend.

* I am so excited for our coming 4th year anniversary, In fact we already have a plan what to do, since it falls on the week, we will have our celebration then on the weekend.

*I'm happy to know that my mom is getting better with her health and hopefully she won't have no more major problems again.

* I'm so thankful to all the my friends in here for all the comments that i received i really do appreciate and thanks for visiting my blog. Thanks to All, HAPPY BLOGGING!!!


Posh Post Reviews said...

hi kate! i have finally done the blog feature that i have promised. please check out

pls remember to mention it in your blog.


Flowersbythewayside said...

hi girl! visiting you here. hope you have a blessed weekend!

Marriage Markers said...

hey congratulations kate! so happy for you. :D

you are so blessed! have a happy weekend!

mahendra said...

congratulation.....for your getting raise in ur job...good luck and hoping you always happy...enjoy your life !

.::. Vanny .:. said...

wow! may increase! =)