Sunday, September 14, 2008

Smile.. Smile and Be Happy!!

MyHotComments.comI am so happy because all the people who knows me in the place where i work, so far they all like me, not to brag about it but i am very thankful that it seems i have no problem with no one. All of them keeps tellin me that they like me a whole lot because i am very sweet and very well like person. Most of them call me sweety. (smile.. hehehe.. wink) I am really flattered about it. Well.. all i do is just be myself and i always wear a smiling face anyway. I don't prawn or be a snub because i am not used to that. In fact all of them said that i am happy all the time and i always smile. I told them i have no reason to get sad and if in case i have a problem or i am in a bad mood it will not be good for me be sad or be a snub just because i am ill tempered, that would be unreasonable for me to do that. And i don't want to worry about things too much because worrying will not help me either so it's better to smile and keep on smiling and be happy all the time. When you smile it makes your day lighter and better. So we should be happy all the time if we can because our life is short, and still living is a very good reason to be happy and thankful. I am very thankful really to the GOD that even though how hard and rough my work sometimes i still have the patience and energy to keep me going. I have a lot of reason to be happy all the time and keep on smiling because i have a wonderful husband who is always beside me and support me every time. My family that i know who is always there for me and to Our Almighty God for keeping me safe and healthy all the time.


.::. Vanny .:. said...

wow. buti ka pa. ako lagi nakasimangot. i mean.. napagkakamalang nakasimangot. kc di ako palangiti. pero bungisngis. huh? gulo ko ba? hahaha.

maldita look daw kc ako pag unang kita. harhar.

anneberly said...

beware about the people aorund you. they may seems nice because you're new, but once you do good at work, some may be intimidated. But not all.
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jHeLea said...

corek ka sis....we need to be happy is too short, we must enjoy it to the fullest