Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Plan Vacation...

I'm so excited because before the summer will end, some of my friends where i work at has a plan to have a group outing and vacation to a different state. And one of them, she said that we should be going to Morey’s Piers, the best amusement park at New Jersey, Wow i can't wait for it since it will be my first time to be there. I heard a lot of nice things about Morey's Piers and for sure we will enjoy our vacation at new jersey because this amusement park has a lot of facilities, beside from all different rides Morey's Piers also is very known for the best New Jersey waterparks and it's a best place to have your escaped at New Jersey! And what's nice about it we can save also because we will be going there as a group and with a group of 20 or more you will surely enjoy incredible savings at Morey’s Piers and Beachfront waterparks. Save up to 55% off their general admission price with their mid-week group rates! Whether it’s a family reunion, camp, church or just an “escape from it all”, Morey’s Piers can offer summer fun for everyone. It's also a very nice place to have your family beach vacation. So what are you waiting for? check out and place your reservation today before the summer will end. I know for sure that you will enjoy your stay there.

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