Friday, August 8, 2008

Our Trip to West Virginia!!

Today is the schedule for my biometrics at Charleston West Virginia. We started early this morning because my appointment will be at 3 in the afternoon. It will take us 4 hours drive from our place to charleston and we want to be there on time. Unlucky i forgot to bring my camera with me and i wasn't able to take any pictures. (holy crap..hehehe, sigh..) well.. maybe next time i will bring it with me. Anyway what is important i was able to do my business and i am done with it. Thanks GOD we make it safe and we're on our way home. Have a good afternoon to all and happy blogging.

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Mom of Four said...

That's good that you are done with your business. Isn't that annoying when you are excited about something and then all of a sudden, you forgot the most important thing (for blogging) your camera!! oh well..that's life..nobody is perfect. Take care and have a wonderful weekend..Thanks for coming to my site..