Monday, May 12, 2008

What a Weird Day!

I wake up late today and it seems i feel so lazy. My Hubby start waking me up since we need to leave a 12:00nn because we're invited to a bday party. I don't feel like doin anything since it's been raining and i don't like be in a hurry. So i decided to take my time and just be late on the party. Well.. glad to know that the rain stop. So far the weather was been pretty warm lately, so i just wear a skirt and a sleeveless blouse. since i'm so comfortable w/my outfit. And then when we ready to go, here comes the rain again and it started to pour real hard plus the wind blowing too, so it makes the weather colder. Still i don't change my outfit and went on. While in the car i take a look on the temperature ouside and it surprise me because it's 63 degrees F. well i guess it's okey though, and what's so weird, me and my hubby usually try to know what would be the temperature of each day,(even though some of them is not that accurate since it changes all the time) and we usually bring a coat w/us to be prepare just in case we have a car brake down. But what happen, only hubby was able to bring his coat and even forget to bring mine w/c he usually do. So when we arrived on our friend house, it's still raining and the wind blowing so hard that makes the weather more cooler. And Here i am started to chilled-out, i'm shaking so bad because i'm real cold. Then We just arrived and we're late, here comes my hubby decided to go home already because he scared i may get sick. I told him, we will eat first and stay a little while and then we'll go home. It's a mess! i love to stay longer w/c we usually do but i can't because it seems it getting more colder. What a weird day? well no choice though. Maybe tomorrow will be better and pretty day.


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